Commercial Plumbing
Residences are not the only establishments that require plumbing services. Commercial buildings such as government offices, hotels, and even restaurants need plumbing just as much as residencies. All of these structures require a drainage system, restrooms, and even kitchens, so it is only natural for them to have to require plumbing services.

A disturbing incident occurred when I used a restroom at a restaurant. The restroom was packed, and there were people lining up just to use even the urinals. I was in a hurry, so I decided to just use the stalls. I was wondering why there weren’t people checking if the stalls were empty or not. I wish I had known better. The moment I opened the door to the stall and stepped inside, my shoes got wet, and a strong stench drowned my nose. The toilet was clogged and water mixed with waste overflowed.


That kind of incident if not addressed properly could pose sanitary threats, especially since it was at a restaurant. If the place had proper plumbing, it would not have happened in the first place. Plumbing services are important, even in commercial establishments.

Aside from residential services, MK Plumbing also provides commercial plumbing of the best quality. Some of the services that are offered by MK plumbing are the following:

Just like the residential plumbing, commercial plumbing also has services catered to clogged drains, maintenance, leakage, installations, and emergency services. But what makes commercial plumbing services different is that there is an extra feature that they offer.

Have a look at the Commercial Plumbing Services provided by us

Before the plumbers do anything to the plumbing fixtures of the establishment, they will survey the area first to check the extent of the problem. If it’s at a restaurant just like the one that I mentioned earlier, the entire vicinity will be checked to see if there are other possible leakages and clogs. Each bathroom stall will be checked, and the piping and drainage will be observed thoroughly.

After surveying, the plumbers will detect what the actual problem is, or what is causing the problem and then they will make a diagnosis for it. This will serve as a report so that they will process it to the office of MK plumbing. The official report will then be approved, and the fixing will partake.

If there were a prior inspection of the problem, the clogging incident at the restaurant restroom would not have happened. That shows the significance of hiring MK plumbing for commercial plumbing services.

Just like the residential plumbing services that are offered by MK plumbing, commercial plumbing services also operate contractually. If for example, an establishment plans on building a restroom that has several toilets and urinals, the plumbing contractors will be there for the renovation of the area, installation of these fixtures, and repairing whatever is damaged.

So if you own a commercial establishment, make sure you hire the best plumbing services, which is MK plumbing Chandigarh, so that your customers won’t have to experience that unfortunate incident preventing me from going back to that restaurant ever since.

So, whatever may be your requirements, if you are on the lookout for commercial plumbers near me, do not hesitate to contact us. You may call us or even send an email and our customer care team will be happy to explain your queries. Also, let us know if you want our plumbers to be sent to your workplace. It will be our pleasure to help you out!